observations: February 2006

Can you live in this world and not wonder?

head through the wall

Before going with your head through the wall it is good practice to find a big enough hole in the wall. A doorway usually does the trick.

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death, end?

Death may not be the end, but for tax purposes let us *please* agree that it is.

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relational models

One relational model scares any database developer – the in-laws.

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the human mind

The human mind is both - the problem and the solution.

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In an amusement park once, the contractors have – purely as a result of miscommunication – built the Halloween horror ride backwards. The train entered at the end and came out at the beginning. Now, *that* was scary.

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Democracy is all about the freedom of speech, the right to education, and free will, that’s why keeping a harem is very difficult in a democracy.

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The harder one tries to pair up socks, the sooner one arrives at one of two options: either ending up with one sock with no pair or ending up with two socks that cannot ever constitute a pair.

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