observations: July 2006

Can you live in this world and not wonder?


It has been said many times that the French car builders copy German cars, but in order to be less obvious they copy older models. That would certainly explain why a brand new French car sounds just like a twenty year old German car.

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She's had so many facelifts done that by now her fingerprints have been stretched all the way up to her shoulders.

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I'm ambidextrous, but only when I type.

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summers, hot

Do not blame God for making summers hot; thank Him for the stuff we can barbecue.

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fair treatment

»Accept me for who I am, don't try to change me«, pleaded the chain saw murderer.

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When an experiment is set up perfectly, frequently the results will not match the expectations; rendering the entire attempt useless. However, sometimes there are flaws in the way an experiment is set up. Usually the results in this case will match the expectations perfectly; but based on the flawed set-up they are useless.

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choking, not joking

When someone’s choking – you give them the ‘hind lick, right?

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