observations: September 2006

Can you live in this world and not wonder?


Football: too much running on the neatly cut grass can lead to this rather ridiculous physiological disorder as one or both testicles detach from their natural location and slide into the patient's abdominal cavity, and then if the running continues they slide downwards ending up at his feet. If both testicles end up on one foot, this disorder is also known as the off-side.

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All the answers are out there but have no real purpose without the questions.

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wedding organizer

A wedding organizer has a great many tasks – dressing and color-coordinating the bride, the groom, the bride’s maids and the best man, taking care of the caterer, having the parking under control, keeping the wedding cake safe and cool, and most importantly – fitting steel bars to the bathroom windows.

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hand, steady

I know a man with an extremely steady hand. He's a surgeon, actually. If you look at his hand for some time, it seems as if the entire room is shaking. That's how steady it is.

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internet, wisdom

The Internet is an infinite source of wisdom when the wise are logged on.

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I guess I'll never be a successful engineer. After looking at the blue prints of a cat-scan for two hours I still couldn’t figure out where to put the cat.

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