observations: submarines

Can you live in this world and not wonder?


Until women are allowed on submarines men will be the only members of the mile-deep club.

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Women just think they want to be in a submarine crew. I rode diesel and nukes for 18 of my 20 year U.S. Naval career. Quarters are close enough & there is no privacy.

Women are better suited for some jobs such as SONAR if we are talking about just hearing, but part of that is nulled out when you bring in the new displays.

Ladies, just be glad that you don't have to go to sea on a submarine. There is little or no room for mood swings. Having raised three women and being married to one, I can tell you that it wouldn't be pretty sight.
# posted by Matija Lah on 20/12/06 05:56  
Well, in my experience the best way to let the woman see the problem is to let her experience it. ;)
# posted by Matija Lah on 20/12/06 13:58  
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