observations: May 2006

Can you live in this world and not wonder?


I don't like diets. I mean, just listen to the first syllable – »die«. Says a lot, doesn't it?

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prehistoric man

The prehistoric man may have seemed brave and strong, and ready to kill big animals to protect his family and provide food and furs, but in reality he simply preferred being mauled by a wild mammoth to spending too much time with his wife and her mother.

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two nurses & co.

Take two nurses, a rubber hose and a bucket of soap, and you've got drainage a trois.

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time, curved

Have I taken out the trash? Time is curved, I guess I have.

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friend or foe?

If my friend’s friend is my enemy then I guess my friend is my enemy. And if my friend’s enemy is my friend then, again, my friend is my enemy. However, if my enemy’s friend is my friend then my enemy is my friend.

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